Ohio voters overwhelmingly approved State Issue 1, which will create a new process for drawing congressional districts.

Yes on Issue 1 for congressional redistricting plan

Source: Canton Repository

Ohioans have one vote they can feel unreservedly good about casting May 8: Yes on Issue 1.

Crain’s editorial: Yes on Issue 1

Source: Crain's Cleveland Business

The overwhelming bipartisan support for a measure on the most partisan of subjects was unusual, and it was a fair indicator that what's now known as Issue 1 is a good first step toward introducing more balance to the drawing of Ohio's political map. We encourage a "yes" vote on the amendment.

Redistricting proposal unites strange bedfellows

Source: Cincinnati Enquirer

This ballot measure empowers citizens to have a say in the congressional district map drawing process and makes sure that no party has an advantage.

League of Women Voters urges Yes on Issue 1 for Ohio redistricting reform

Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

On May 8, Ohioans will have the chance to vote on Issue 1, a bipartisan proposal to reform the way Ohio draws its U.S. congressional districts. The League of Women Voters urges you to vote yes.

Issue 1 deserves your vote

Source: Kent Record-Courier

One look at Ohio’s current map of Congressional Districts shows why voters need to support Issue 1, an amendment to Ohio’s Constitution which would dramatically reduce political gerrymandering.

Ohio voters get to weigh in on gerrymandering

Source: Dayton Daily News

What’s the downside, you ask? It’s difficult to find one. Issue 1 has the support of both major political parties, and the proposed constitutional amendment was approved unanimously in the state Senate and by a 83 to 10 vote in the state House.

The Coalition for Redistricting Reform Announces a String of High Profile Endorsements


“These endorsements truly signal the bipartisan nature of fixing the way we draw our congressional districts in Ohio."

Beacon Journal/ editorial board: Yes on state Issue 1

Source: Akron Beacon Journal

We strongly recommend voting “yes” on state Issue 1 on May 8.

Vote for democracy; end gerrymandering with Issue 1

Source: The Athens News

The Athens NEWS urges our readers to support state Issue 1 on the May 8 primary ballot.